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from the founder of CarnageBot, IHOF, Arbitrage University & more.

Welcome to the ultimate reselling experience! Join the first ever UK reselling group on the scene who have been in operation for well over 10 years! We cover all types of profitable flips; from sneakers, tickets, collectibles, amazon price errors, trading card investments, student discount code generator for over 1,000 websites and whisky to matched-betting, crypto, NFTs and much more! We cover it all.

We pride ourselves in having our dedicated and experienced in-house team. We use 0 providers ensuring all our members receive unique and super LOWKEY profitable items to resell with dedicated support throughout the entire reselling process.

All you need, in one place.

We continue to innovate by bringing new lucrative profitable flips which make our community stronger.

Ticket Hub

From providing the initial information to assisting our members with purchasing profitable tickets throughout a release, we cover it all. We also have Ticketmaster, 02 Priority & AXS website 'monitors' which notify our members when profitable tickets restock, within seconds.

Sneaker Hub

Raffle monitors, mesh raffle monitors, and raffle/entry stock numbers. All the tools you need to increase your success on purchasing profitable sneakers. Never miss a release again.

Main Reselling Hub

Debatably, the most profitables hub in the entire server. Don’t be surprised if we post a flip which retails for £25 and resells for £500+. It's a normal occurrence in our community. Anything which is profitable outside of sneakers, crypto, nfts and tickets will be covered within this hub.

NFTs Hub

NFTs are dead? You're looking in the wrong place. There are still a wide variety of profitable releases but no one is talking about it. Daily, our staff research each NFT release to filter the good from the bad. It is still a speculative market but you can make a lot more money if guided correctly.

Stocks & Crypto Hub

From safer investments such as Index funds and trade calls or more high risk, high rewards plays in Crypto, we do it all! We suggest our community to re-invest their reselling profits into these markets to create generational wealth.

Flip Monitors Hub

We have 30+ website monitors tracking profitable items in our server. When an item restocks, our monitors will ping and make our community aware.

Sneaker Monitors Hub

We have 50+ website sneakers monitors tracking profitable items in our server. Never miss a restock or shock drop again! Our monitors will ping and make our community aware when something profitable releases

Coin Store Hub

The economy we created in our server! Coins are FREE, no cost. We reward our community with coins which can be redeemed for prizes such as free months on your membership.

Matched Betting Hub

Another method which can be used to make money online. Matched betting is a technique that mathematically generates a profit from free bet promotions offered by betting companies.

Amazon Freebies Hub

Who doesn’t love freebies? We offer our members free Amazon products. The items are not cheap either, they can range from headphones to football boots!

Whisky Hub

We bet you didn't know you could make money from reselling whisky? The latest lucrative hub we have added for our community. Our experts have 10+ years experience in this field. From advising our members on the latest whisky ballots to go for, best whisky bottle investments as well as providing in-house software scripts to substantially increase your chances of success.

Amazon Price Errors Hub

Experience the thrill of anticipation as our custom bot reveals surprise items. Just imagine scoring a £100 coffee table for only £1 or getting a cable cover protector absolutely FREE, worth over £80 in resale value!

Trading Card Investments Hub

Did you know that booster boxes and individual cards could be your ticket to substantial profits? Follow our proven strategies where we've consistently turned £100 into £1,000+ on numerous occasions. Let us show you how to unlock the hidden value in trading cards and turn your investments into lucrative returns.

Discount Code Generator Hub

Unlock exclusive savings with our discount bot! Leveraging platforms like UniDays and StudentBeans, our bot provides access to discount codes for over 1,000 websites. Whether you're reselling or shopping for personal use, utilise these discounts to make retail items cheaper and maximise your profits.

Bot Commands Hub

From boosting your eBay listing views/watchers resulting in increased sales volume to checking online and instore stock levels across 100+ retailers.

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  • Matched Betting Hub
  • Whisky Hub
  • Flip Monitors Hub
  • Amazon Price Error/Deals
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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is reselling?

      Reselling is buying something at the market price and selling it again (aka reselling) with the aim to make a profit.

    • Why do these Items resell?

      It can be for a variety of reasons, the items we post tend to be 'Limited' or super 'Hyped'. These products will usually be made in limited supply and the demand for the product will be high. Demand out weighs the supply, hence individuals go to 3rd party websites such as eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace to purchase the items for a premium price.

    • Why do I need House of Resell?

      We have a dedicated team of deal scouts (staff) who continuously scour the Internet looking for the best opportunities for our members to make money. We follow a strict due diligence process, carrying out in-depth market research into the product

    • What types of items can I expect to be reselling?

      Items such as shoes/trainers, toys, video games, miscellaneous collectibles and more. If an item is profitable, we will be reselling it no matter what it is.

    • Are there any risks involved in reselling?

      Risk is limited. Our deal scouts use their experience to ensure the best possible outcome. In addition, the majority of our targeted retailers have a 14/30 day free return policy.

    • How much profit can I expect to make?

      Profit will vary from month to month depending on product launches. Our releases on average will give a return on investment of 100%, often more. However, the app is what you make of it. We give you the recipe, you do the cooking.

    • How much is House of Resell?

      Our monthly membership is £34.99, no contract, cancel anytime

    • How do I cancel my membership?

      You can cancel anytime, no contract, via the Whop dashboard.